Inulin Powder

Inulin Powder
Inulin Powder Process

Inulin is a nutritional component that occurs naturally in many plants, it is full of fiber and low in calories. It is soluble and is added to many foods that we use, such as margarine and salad dressing. You can also buy it as a powder and add it to our own food. Jetsu Health and Beauty inulin supplements are derived from the root of the chicory plant but it is present in around 36,000 plants.


So why take Inulin?

As we age we store fat around our vital organs, this fat is called visceral fat and will stop the internal organs from functioning correctly; we all know that tummy fat is hard to shift but maybe not how dangerous it is,  Using inulin to combat visceral fat was recommended in a recent series How to Stay Young on the BBC, with Angela Rippon.

Inulin takes up a lot of room in the digestive tract once eaten, helping to make you feel fuller.


It absorbs water, which helps to form stools.


Some research suggests that it helps lower cholesterol, it helps reduce the amount of visceral fat surrounding your internal organs and triglycerides; taking inulin seems to lower triglycerides by up to 19% after eight weeks of treatment.

A study by Griffin, I. J.; P. M. Hicks; R. P. Heaney; S. A. Abrams  in 2003 investigating calcium absorption in girls and young men, cited on Wikipedia has shown that inulin can also enable the body to better absorb calcium. Calcium creates a stronger skeletal system.

Inulin aids digestion by increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut, particularly Bifidobacteria and 

Lactobacilli.  These bacteria help:

  • fend off unwanted pathogens (bad bacteria)
  • prevent infection
  • stimulate your immune system
  • increases the frequency of your bowel movements
  • but slows overall digestion, which enables your body to efficiently absorb nutrients from the food you eat.


Inulin can be used as a bulking agent i.e. it is added to smoothies to help thicken them, so when taken as a supplement it helps create a feeling of fullness and means that you are less inclined to snack.

Research suggests that it may control blood sugar, by slowing digestion, including the digestion of carbohydrates. This allows sugar to be released slowly without spiking, which promotes healthy blood sugar levels. According to some research these properties may make inulin a good weight management aid.

It could potentially lower your colon cancer risk


Studies show that a high intake of dietary fiber, like inulin, is associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Researchers are actively exploring the use of inulin to prevent cancer.

As an immune system booster, it may also be a good preventive supplement against cancers of the digestive system. More studies are needed before any strong claims can be made about the effects of inulin on colon cancer.

One study in 2008 found the combination of probiotics and prebiotics such as inulin has the potential to reduce colon cancer risk.

Another later study in 2015 tested the powder form of inulin to determine whether it contributed to feelings of health and well-being.  People who took the inulin were happier, less hungry, and felt fuller over a period of time than people who received a placebo.

You may prefer to get your inulin by eating foods it naturally occurs in. This is possible, however it may require eating many more beans than you’d like in order to get the amount you need.

As it is a prebiotic you can use inulin supplements to encourage digestive health if you are on a prebiotic regime or if you have been prescribed antibiotics.


Technology driven success


Jetsu Health and Beauty has sourced the best chicory root inulin for our new range of inulin powder from an agricultural enterprise, located in the beautiful Bashang Grassland of Hebei Province, China, covering more than 1000 hectares. For more than 10 years the enterprise have been growing several tuber crops.


In 2006, they started to grow chicory roots and leaves. Our dedicated supplier were the exclusive witlof suppliers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Our Inulin is produced by the largest high purity inulin production line in Asia, using world recognised leading standards.

This utilises the most advanced nano-separation and chromatographic technology. In 2011 $25million dollars was invested to build a high-tech inulin-type fructans production site, with a capacity of 5000 Million ton end products.


The enterprise is the 4th largest inulin producer in the world.


Advanced management and strict management systems to ensure stability of product quality.


Purely physical separation and purification process, ensures safe products.

Inulin powder does not contain animal or poultry, there has been no slaughtering in any ritual or non-ritual way.

Ecocert has certified our inulin powder as organic.   

Our 100% Pure Inulin Powder is scientifically verified by independent ISO 17025 Quality Standard laboratories 

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Side Effects and Risk Factors of Using Inulin

Inulin is considered safe for human consumption.  It’s extremely unlikely to trigger any kind of allergic reaction.

When you begin using inulin, you may notice discomfort during bowel movements, excessive flatulence, or loose stools.  Drink plenty of water when incorporating it into your diet if you have irritable bowel syndrome or a sensitive digestive tract.  This will help prevent constipation.

If you’re pregnant, you should talk to your doctor before taking any supplemental product, including inulin.